Sunday, 14 October 2007

She's Lost Control

I've loved the melancholic and intense music of Joy Division ever since I first heard it on the John Peel Show. So a real treat for me to see 'Control', which I did last night. This is a film about their lead singer Ian Curtis. It's really good. It helped put the songs into context too, as well as being a fitting tribute to the band. Perhaps best known for 'Love will tear us apart', their two albums also includes many other powerful songs, all of which are characterised by beautiful tunes (which you can easily whistle or hum), and memorable lyrics. They have stood the test of time, (my life-time anyway) and are a must-have Desert Island disk. Buy their albums. See the film. Their T shirts are nice too. I still have my original 'sound wave' one, above.

Another YouTube link, why not?


One thing which I was very curious to find out after seeing the film was who sang the cover version of Shadowplay over the credits. I have now found out, and it is none other than The Killers, probably my most played band this year. It all comes a full circle.

I also came across an interesting interview with Natalie Curtis, daughter of Ian, who was one when he died. She says "The first time I heard their album Closer, I thought it was out of this world. I assumed all music was done with that level of style and intelligence. As I grew older, it was a shock to discover not everything was that amazing." I second that.

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Justin Raden said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I'm dying to. I remember when I first her them, I really can't say I liked the music at first, something about it seemed on the edge of spastic. But I found that I couldn't NOT listen too it. Pretty soon I was obsessed.