Sunday, 21 October 2007


I came across this poem many years ago, I am not sure where, but I noted it down. I recall searching the bookshops at the time, (long before the days of internet), for a collection of Jean Earle poems. But I gave up after finding absolutely nothing anywhere. I am not surprised that I didn't find anything, since even an internet search today comes up up with virtually nothing, apart from the bare minimum. Wiki has nothing.

So dear reader, count yourself lucky to be reading this astonishing poem. Angry, sad, heartfelt and thought-provoking, you won't be reading it anywhere else. Unless you bought the book, which I doubt you have.


By Jean Earle

An old farmer always named one cow
Bluebell - and let himself get fond
Of that one. Ambling in to milk,
He kept his hand on her.

Yet when she left for good - as all must -
He always beat her, hard,
Into the van.

Young then, I did not understand -
When I was old and could not cope with more
Dead weight, how I would thrash my griefs
Into the van. "Get in!
Don't come haunting round my yard!"

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