Saturday, 24 November 2007

Fade Into You

Great film soundtracks of all time? I'm sure there are many contenders of greater stature, but this evening I will mostly be voting for 'Stealing Beauty'.
Whoever it was that was in charge of collating the set of songs for this film knew what he/she was doing, big time. I have played this CD over and over for many years, and have yet to tire of it. The film came out in 1996 but I only saw it some years later, and it was only on a second viewing a few years after that, that I fully grew to appreciate the diverse soundtrack. And in amongst it's glorious range of songs, (from Hendrix to The Cocteau Twins), there is Mazzy Star.
I had never heard of them, to my shame, (what can you do?) but I have since then bought (yes bought) all their albums. Perhaps the reason I had never heard of them is that you rarely hear them played on radio. This means that decades can pass before one finally wakes up to a distinct sound. Mazzy Star have been around since 19bloody89. Yet I hadn't heard of the name till some ten years later. Good grief. The reason why I suddenly bring this up now is that the other day I was listening to the Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie show on BBC Radio 2, (at least I think it was them) and they actually played Mazzy Star. Yes. I think this is the first time I have ever heard them on the airwaves. It re-ignited the flame.

I love the film too, by the way. A friend of mine said she thought it was just a load of old men chasing young girls. True I suppose, but I won't bore you now as to why I think it better than that. Anyway to finish off why not treat yourself, dear hapless reader, to a video of the great band itself, singing their biggest hit, "Fade Into You". As Stuart Maconie said, "it is a song which seems to stop time", or words to that effect.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Daniel Eatock - Editions & Originals

There is as much wit and food for thought at the current exhibition at The Kemistry Gallery as you might see anywhere in Tate Modern. Daniel Eatock's work has a wonderful effect on me: when I walk out of the gallery I am immediately looking at life in a slightly different way. Can't ask for more. His press release says..."Eatock is interested in connections between image and language, titles, punch lines, miscommunication, subversions, open systems, contributions from others, seriality, collections, discovery and inventing.". His website invites photographic contributions from readers. I first came across Daniel Eatock through 2point8, so thank you Michael.

Saturday, 17 November 2007


This is quite something, the world's first high-definition image taking of an Earth-rise from the Moon. As the site says though, "we use the expression "Earth-rise" in this press release, but the Earth-rise is a phenomenon seen only from satellites that travel around the Moon, such as the KAGUYA and the Apollo space ship. The Earth-rise cannot be observed by a person who is on the Moon as they can always see the Earth at the same position." Keep watching the video for a short while before you see the earth rise. Thank you Boing Boing.